All-Purpose Deodorizer

Powerful odor control with zero waste! The first fully-compostable deodorizer on the market.

Harness the power of natural zeolite with these air freshening pouches. Zeolite deodorizer bags are very effective at controlling odors and absorbing unpleasant smells coming from gym bags, refrigerators, sports gear, teenager's rooms, skates, and cars, to name a few.

The biodegradable pouches are made of natural corn fiber. Designed to be tossed into a composting bin or garden after use. Zeolite is a natural soil amendment that promotes composting and supports garden maturity.

Each pouch effectively absorbs odors and harmful gasses for 3 - 6 months!


Powerful All-Natural Zeolite

a powerful absorbent mineral.

Naturally Powerful Absorbent

KMI Zeolite is all-natural.

Microporous Mineral Sponge

KMI Zeolite traps and binds gas and liquid.

High Capacity Storage

KMI Zeolite has a high internal surface area.

A Sustainable Solution

with a low carbon footprint

Lower CO2 Footprint

KMI Zeolite has a lower CO2 footprint than charcoal.

100% Compostable

KMI Zeolite deodorizers are fully compostable.

A Regenerative Product

KMI deodorizers fertilize soil with the absorbed gasses.

Absorbs Odors

Purifies air

Food Safe

No chemical additives 

Pet Friendly

Non-toxic and accidental ingestion safe

Sports Equipment

And a great subtitle

Also available in case packs.

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