Zeolite Absorption
KMI Zeolite is a powerful absorbent with many applications.
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Ammonia & Ammonium

KMI Zeolite has a very high capacity for ammonia and ammonium.


Anaerobic Digestion 'Biogas'

KMI Zeolite can remove ammonia, buffer pH, support microorganisms, and improve digestate.


Chemical Spills

KMI Zeolite can act as a binding material prior to encapsulation to absorb and immobilize contaminants.


Feed & Bedding

KMI Zeolite can reduce ammonia levels in stalls, barns, and around the home.


Heavy Metal Absorption

KMI Zeolite can absorb high amounts of heavy metals including nickel, copper, lead, and cadmium.


Mold Abatement

KMI Zeolite can act as a molecular sieve to prevent and eliminate mold by absorbing moisture and trapping odors.


Waste Encapsulation

KMI Zeolite can play an important role in retarding the migration of radionuclides that occur in solution as simple cations, specifically Caesium, Strontium & Barium (Cs, SrBa).