Powerful Landfill-Safe Absorbent
KMI Zeolite is a natural absorbent of heavy metals and chemical contamination and is safe for landfills.

Saturated zeolites that are loaded with toxic heavy metals should be considered as eco-friendly compounds that can be landfilled. The loaded zeolite has high leaching resistance preventing easy release of the adsorbed heavy metals. In particular situations (e.g. when loaded with ammonia and phosphorus) the spent zeolite can be used as a soil amender material and slow release fertilizer.

This, according to a collaborative review carried out by the University of Delaware, Department of Civil Engineering and Western University of London, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

This means that in most applications zeolite can absorb toxic elements and permanently trap them from entering the environment. And at the same time it can act as a nutrient time-release for plants. Plant roots uptake nutrients and minerals, undesired elements remain bound in the zeolite structure.

KMI Clinoptilolite Zeolite is a selective mineral sponge. Permanently encapsulating harmful heavy metals and temporarily storing valuable bio-nutrients. 

There are so many applications in which this selective capsulation and absorption is highly valuable. From farm and garden fertilization or soil amendment, to waste management & waste-water treatment, to winter traction control, to animal nutrition. The list goes on.

We are proud to supply this unique mineral with so many powerful environmental benefits. Learn more about KMI Zeolite's Environmental Pledge.

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