Clino + Barium sulfate
Further progress in the effort to remove Cs+ and Sr2+ ions from radioactive wastewater containing fission products with different radioactivity and toxicity levels, using Clinoptilolite zeolite combined with BaSO4 co-precipitation.

Clinoptilolite Zeolite has been used for radioactive wastewater treatment for years

Due to differences in what is termed the "valence state", cesium and strontium have been difficult to remove during a single operation treatment of radioactive liquid waste.

New research has uncovered a potential process improvement of the clinoptilolite zeolite absorption capacity by modifying it with Barium sulfate, according to work published by a group of researchers through the School of Chemical and Process Engineering, at the University of Leeds, UK.

This research shows that the combined coagulants can improve the removal efficiency of Cs+ and Sr2+ while also accelerating solid-liquid dewatering.

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