Clinoptilolite as Support for Bacterial Community Formation in Wastewater Treatment
Published 5-20-2022 by Lacrimioara Senila et. al. at the Research Institute for Analytical Instrumentation Subsidiary, National Institute for Research and Development of Optoelectronics, and the Faculty of Materials and Environmental Engineering, Technical University, Romania.

A recent study investigated the use of natural zeolite as a microbial support media in wastewater treatment. 

Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and other techniques, a team of researchers in Romania has concluded that natural clinoptilolite zeolite acts as an absorbent for pollutants and as a support material for the colonization of microbial communities. Overall the study indicates that there is a high potential for clinoptilolite in pollutant removal and microbial support.

Reasearch publication link.

Download the zeolite research study here.

Clino + Barium sulfate
Further progress in the effort to remove Cs+ and Sr2+ ions from radioactive wastewater containing fission products with different radioactivity and toxicity levels, using Clinoptilolite zeolite combined with BaSO4 co-precipitation.