KMI Absorbent - Oil & Spill

KMI Absorbent - Oil & Spill

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Pure naturally occurring and highly porous clinoptilolite zeolite, a mineral catalyst with an unsurpassed liquid and odor absorbing capacity.

KMI Absorbent

Absorb oil, gas and liquids more effectively.

KMI Absorbent is a highly pure form of clinoptilolite zeolite, a naturally occurring and highly porous mineral with an unsurpassed liquid and odor absorbing capacity. KMI Zeolite Absorbent is natures’ mineral sponge.

Storage Capacity

Formed over thousands of years by volcanic and thermal activity, the Absorbent molecule is comprised of a vast network of negatively charged internal passageways. A single tablespoon of our clinoptilolite will contain an internal surface area greater than a football field.

Bind Toxins

Beyond the visible liquid absorption capacity KMI Absorbent binds heavy metal cations but it also traps toxins such as harmful VOCs and unpleasant odors plus locks in contaminants.

Slip Prevention

Unlike clay absorbents, liquid saturation does not cause zeolite to lose structural integrity. Fine powders can be used can be swept away without causing mud or a slippery surface.

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How KMI Zeolite Absorbent Works

One tablespoon of zeolite can have an internal surface area as large as a football field! Not only does zeolite have a lot of absorbing space, it is also negatively charged, meaning that its porous structure actively attracts and traps liquids and gasses.

Natural zeolite binds heavy metal cations within its honeycomb structure, meaning that they are no longer water soluble. As a result, toxins are locked into the mineral’s framework without the threat of leaching back into the environment.  As a result, KMI’s Zeolite is incorporated in many Stormwater Pollution Prevention plans to catch contaminants such as ammonium or heavy metals before being released into the environment.

Zeolite has also been proven to absorb up to 60% of its weight in liquid and 30% of its weight in oil. Unlike clay absorbents, liquid saturation does not cause zeolite to swell or lose structural integrity. This prevents the creation of mud or a loss of traction on industrial sites.  The fine powders can be used to broom into the porous concrete surface such as that in a garage or a driveway to adsorb hydrocarbons and reduce or eliminate stubborn stains.

Disclaimer: Currently under application for Omri application.

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