HydroCharge - Hydroponic Media

HydroCharge - Hydroponic Media

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Superior hydroponic grow media. All natural, pH balanced mineral that locks in nutrients and H2O while still remaining arid.

KMI HydroCharge Hydroponic Substrate

Naturally sourced clinoptilolite zeolite has a unique honeycomb molecular structure and is negatively charged, meaning that the molecule can attract and hold important nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

HydroCharge is made from pure and sustainably sourced clinoptilolite zeolite. HydroCharge zeolite is the superior hydroponic grow media in that it is all natural, pH balanced and able to lock in nutrients and H2O while still remaining arid.

requires up to 50% less watering because it traps and holds H2O within the molecule until roots demand and absorb it, while also allowing for drainage and root ventilation.

HydroCharge zeolite is used by NASA for hydroponic growing and experimentation in space.

HydroCharge has been scientifically proven to reduce leaching of nutrients during runoff, holding these nutrients at the roots until needed by the plant. Reduced pathogens in liquid runoff from amended soils suggests a cleaner root zone with fewer factors to inhibit cannabis productivity. 

KMI HydroCharge Features

Cation Exchange

 Exchange positive ions and trap heavy toxins.

  • Our zeolite has the  highest cation exchange capacity of any soil aerator in the world and does not compact.
  • Negatively charged structure
  • Affinity for heavy metals and VOC's
  • Major exchangeable Cations

Water Holding Capcity

Hold and release water when roots need it.

  • Microporous zeolite absorbs and desorbs water very efficiently. Water is trapped and held until draw up through the roots.
  • Anti compacting
  • Oxygen flow
  • Water sorption

Nutrient Rentention

 Store nutrients and help
to reduce leaching.

  • Negatively charged zeolite molecules trap nutrients and hold them until plant roots need them.
  • Adsorption & Absorption
  • Large internal passageway system
  • Nutrient release curve

Key Features

Highly Porous High Root Aeration

100% Natural & Sustainable

Increased N and K Retention

Intensifies H2O & O2 Retention

Not Strip-Mined like Hydroton and Perlite

Same Zeolite Mineral Used by NASA

Non-toxic and Chemical Free

High Degree of Hydration

High Cation Exchange

Nutrient Time Release

Superior Absorption

Nitrogen Dissolution



pH Stablizing



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